Pre-school outdoor play area

The Glebe Management Committee is aware that it is being criticised on social media for requesting the removal of the structure built on the outdoor play area for Crich Pre-school. Unfortunately, much of this criticism is ill-informed.

The site of the outdoor play area does not belong to the Glebe. The Glebe holds it under a Lease from the landowners, and Pre-School is entitled to use it by virtue of a Licence granted by the Glebe. The terms of that Licence had to be compatible with the Glebe’s Lease, and had to be negotiated and agreed by the landowners. The terms of the Licence were also agreed by the Pre-School committee.

The building of the structure on the play area contravenes one of the terms of the Pre-school’s Licence, and this puts the Glebe in breach of one of the terms of its Lease. We have therefore had to ask Pre-school to remove the structure.

We hope this explains the Glebe’s position.

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