Pre-School Outdoor Play Area

The Glebe Management Committee has not reacted to the social media campaign against it for requiring Crich Pre-School to remove the structure built on the play area behind the Glebe, as we regard this as a private matter between ourselves and Crich Pre-School.

However, as this campaign continues, and as many of the comments being made are inaccurate, we feel it necessary explain the true position. We will not be discussing the issue with anyone other than Pre-School, nor will we respond to comments made on social media.

Crich Pre-School did not do what they had been given permission to do by the Glebe Management Committee, but instead had the disputed structure built. Had they asked permission to build this structure, it would have been refused, for the reasons given in the Management Committee’s previous post on this issue.

Pre-School have accepted the Management Committee’s decision, and have agreed to take the structure down. They will be sending a letter to all of the Pre-School parents to explain the situation. It is unfortunate that this could not be done before the half-term break, but we understand that the letter will go out after the holiday. Any parents who still have questions should take them up with Pre-School, as it was they who engaged the Prince’s Trust to build this structure, in direct contravention of the terms of their licence. It is understood that Pre-School will be making alternative provision for shielding children from the sun, as originally agreed with the Glebe.

Rather than trying to stifle Pre-School’s activities, we have always tried to support them. We can only do this within the constraints of the legal agreements which they freely entered into after the Glebe had worked hard to obtain permission for the use of the land for Pre-School. We have recently agreed to have an outside tap fitted, so that they can have easy access to water in that area.

The Glebe Management Committee does have the well-being of the whole community very much at heart, but can only work within the legal framework it is bound by. We hope that parents will understand this once they have seen the letter from Pre-School.

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