Crich Pre-School Play Area – Update

The Glebe management committee has, until now, been unwilling to contact the landowners because any breach of the terms of our lease with them gives them the right to re-enter the land and end the lease. We did not wish to risk losing the play area, as we are aware that Pre-School has to have an outdoor play space in order to fulfil OFSTED’s requirements. This is why the management committee worked very hard to get permission for Pre-School to use this space originally.

However, on learning that someone else had alerted the landowners, the management committee also got in touch with them. They have confirmed that there has been a breach of the agreement with them, and that Pre-School has caused the problem, not us. However, the landowners are willing to ask their funder for permission to allow a variation to the lease. The landowners have legal obligations to third parties which they have to observe.

We are now in the process of requesting a variation of the terms of the lease and licence, to allow the structure to stay, provided the funder agrees.

We therefore hope that this matter can be resolved amicably, and that the community will understand that we have always tried to protect the interests of Pre-School.

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