Crich Parish Neighbourhood Plan consultation period starts

The Crich Parish Neighbourhood Plan is out for consultation for 6 weeks, and gives us an opportunity to comment on, and influence the final document.

The purpose of the Crich Parish Neighbourhood Plan is to provide a framework which will determine the shape, character and future of the parish over the next 15 years. It reflects the residents’ views of how the Parish should develop over the next 15 years, as gathered from last year’s Household Survey.

Neighbourhood Plans are produced to sit alongside the district Local Plan currently being prepared by Amber Valley Borough Council, but are completely separate.

The Amber Valley Borough Council Local Plan is that Council’s view of how the Borough should develop between now and 2028. It is vital that residents respond to the proposals in that plan if further major developments are to be avoided.

The Consultation period for the Amber Valley Local Plan ends on 28 April.

The Consultation period for The Crich Parish Neighbourhood Plan ends on 1 May 2017. Leaflets will be delivered to every home in the Parish over the next few days. These will give details of drop in sessions where you can discuss your views with members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

Printed copies of the Plan are available to view in the Glebe and The Loaf.

3 comments on Crich Parish Neighbourhood Plan consultation period starts

  1. It’s really important to recognise that there are 2 consultations going on at the same time. Confusing – certainly! But we need to comment on both if we want to shape the future of our community

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